Reader happy to see residents show respect

We hear, see and read about all the divisiveness and animosity and outright hatred between and among the various factions in our society that sometimes a person might think that there is no good left in any of us. I want to say that there is still some good left in our society.

Monday I attended a funeral for a friend and on the way to the cemetery we were escorted up Railroad Avenue and down Randolph to the Iron Horse and then to Little Arlington (thank you, Elkins Police Department). While we were going down Randolph from the veteran’s intersection, I noticed several vehicles pulling over and stopping for the procession.

Included in those vehicles were a tri-axle dump truck whose driver was on the job and a tractor trailer whose driver was also on the job. Neither of these drivers had to stop as there were no vehicles in front of them. They stopped because it was the right thing to do, and they wanted to show their respect for the deceased.

As we were going out Sycamore past the park, I saw a young man standing with his hat over his heart as he was also paying his respect to the deceased.

I doubt if any of these people knew the deceased but it was gratifying to see that there is still some goodness in our society. Maybe, just maybe, our country will survive all the social and political divisiveness that currently exists in our country. Time will tell. Everybody stay safe.

Charles Church

Valley Bend


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