Addressing veterans and mail-in voting

This is in response to Allan Talbott’s letter to the editor.

Mr. Talbott this is to let you know that indeed Mr. Trump did say that the military are losers. I heard and saw him the day he said it. Calling someone (Mr. Price) a liar, which is basically what you did.

Mr. Trump also said to John McCain and I quote, “I don’t like people who have been caught.” John McCain who was a POW. Trump whose father paid a doctor to say he had bone spurs. He was too much of a coward to do his duty.

Also if anyone is going to steal the election, it would be Trump. Joe is doing just fine.

Also the mail-in voting: You’re saying it isn’t safe, for whom? Trump votes by mail. I voted by mail. Millions have voted by mail, but this year all of a sudden it isn’t safe. Not several postal workers, it was three. They were new and accidentally threw them away in the trash can.

The Democrats, of which I am proudly a member, are not using the post office to make sure Trump loses. He’s doing that to himself. The post office has always been a very good and safe way to vote. You’re right. Our lives do depend on voting. Vote blue.

The destruction of America is due to Trump and his followers. Do you know how many have left the Republican Party? It’s now the Trumpian Party. Republican Party, as we know it, is gone.

Thank you for serving your country. Has anyone seen this country so divided, so much hatred? Never in my lifetime.

I urge those that have to vote by mail to do so. I did.

It’s always been safe until Joe Biden is ahead.

Doris Kelley



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