Modern madness

Timeline: Oct. 4, 2020

President Trump demanded this afternoon to be shuttled through the streets around The Walter Reed V.A. Hospital so he could wave to his fans who were lining the sidewalks hoping to catch a glimpse and wave good wishes to him.

It was announced a little later that he would probably be released to go back to the White House on Monday afternoon. What! Go back home where several hundred people come to work every day? He certainly doesn’t care how many lives he puts in jeopardy. Such callousness!

None of the previous two paragraphs belongs to me, because I’m not the author. I merely wrote what I heard all day on CNN and MSNBC Sunday afternoon and all day Monday and into the night. Both channels were yakking like rabid dogs barking thru the fence as you walk by, each one trying to outdo the other. I both marveled and winced at the innovative schemes they brought up. These people exist to hate conservatives and tell as many untruths as possible before the water all boils away.

I have given up trying to understand certain elected people who are supposed to do what’s best for this country. It’s obvious they have lost the guidance and purpose of the mission and by not utilizing those tools they have produced a liberal culture that is going to destroy the USA, and we in the masses have to stand by helplessly and watch it go. Imagine where would be today if Hillary had beat Trump in 2016. May God save us! The Democrats won’t.

Harold Arbogast



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