Mooney praised as a strong advocate

U.S. Representative Alex Mooney has been steadfast in his defense of West Virginia’s coal miners and coal companies, which have been the bedrock of West Virginia’s economy for decades. Endorsed by Friends of Coal and the West Virginia Coal Association, miners understand who is working for them — and not Washington liberals and their radical environmental agenda.

Since 2015, Mooney has worked consistently in the best interest of West Virginia coal. For example, Mooney introduced and passed the Stream Act, which prevented the Obama administration from implementing new regulations targeting mining in the Appalachian region, saving up to 80,000 jobs. He also was a champion in securing healthcare and pensions for miners, cosponsoring the Coal Healthcare and Pensions Protection Act of 2015.

When comparing this record to his opponent, there is a stark contrast. Cathy Kunkel, Democrat nominee for the Second District, has publicly supported AOC and Schumer’s Green New Deal, which would effectively wipe-out West Virginia’s coal industry and wreak havoc on our state’s economic progress we’ve seen in the last few years. She also praised Biden’s comments declaring the end of coal-fired power plants in the U.S.

We understand that a new era of energy is approaching and that the diversification of our state’s economy is paramount to ensuring West Virginia’s prosperity in the future. However, Mooney understands that we can accomplish this without leaving the very people who keep our lights on out to dry.

In addition, Alex Mooney, in June 2020, cosponsored the American Family and Private Property Defense Act (H.R. 7716) which ensures legal protections for people who defend their homes and private property. I am a strong advocate for 2nd Amendment gun rights, and the continued funding of our police agencies is paramount to protecting our freedoms.

The most important reason I support Mooney is because of his strong and long history of protecting the sanctity of life.

I will be voting for Alex Mooney this November to send a clear message to the radical left and their extremist agenda — I stand with West Virginia’s coal miners, law enforcement agencies and pro-life organizations.

Billie Sipes



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