Political differences fueling controversy

As a U.S. Navy veteran and Trump supporter, I would like to say that Mr. Price’s Sept. 12 letter was full of lies. President Trump did not call deceased or wounded veterans “useless or losers.” That story has been debunked and found to be a lie from CNN and other liberal news outlets.

As for Mr. Brenwalt’s claim President Trump used the coronavirus to increase his poll numbers is also a lie. Over the last several weeks, the death toll fluctuated from biblical proportions to a drop in the bucket, thanks to the mainstream media’s lies.

Thanks to Governors Newsom and Cuomo, the actual number of deaths may never be known. If anyone used the virus for political gain, it’s the Democrats. Now Mr. Brenwalt, exactly what is a “Trumpian Nightmare”?

Is it prosperity, low unemployment, high wages, thousands of new minority jobs, overseas companies returning home, the UN, Chinese and NATO countries paying their fair share or just the fact that you secretly hate America?

Biden has not, and will not, call out ANTIFA or BLM over the $1 billion in damage caused by their rioting.

Now, Pelosi’s threatening another impeachment if the GOP fills Justice Ginsburg’s seat.

When you vote in November, vote like your life depends on it, because it does. Biden and the Democrats are poised to steal the 2020 election.

Several postal workers were also caught altering or trashing mail-in ballots, Be very suspicious of the Postal Service. Their union is squarely behind the Democrats, as well as the teachers union. There it is in a nutshell.

I urge you to go the polls. Do not vote by mail-in ballots. Stop the Democrats cold in their tracks. Stop the destruction of America.

Alan Talbott



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