Reader supporting candidate for sheriff

I want to encourage the voters of Randolph County to vote for Jim Webley for sheriff. I have known Jim for many years and have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for him.

He is level-headed, poised, and conducts himself in a responsible and professional manner at all times. He will treat everybody with respect and will not “fly off the handle” the first time somebody disagrees with him or dares to argue with him. Unlike the past few sheriffs we have had, Jim will take an interest in the department and actually put some effort in the job.

In 1996 when Jim was running for sheriff against Slugger Brady, I was told by a then-influential person in the county that “I am supporting Brady for sheriff because he will listen to us. Webley will do what he wants.” I don’t know who the person meant by “us” but I took it to mean the supposed “good ole boy network” in Elkins who like to control things (specifically the economy and politics) behind the scenes. If Jim Webley is elected sheriff, he will be the sheriff and not take his marching orders from anybody.

I was listening to the scanner a couple of weeks ago and some law enforcement officers were talking to each other about somebody they were after. I don’t know which agency(ies) were involved but one of them asked if the sheriff’s department could help and the other one said “you can’t get the sheriff’s department to do a d— thing.” You will never hear that comment made about the sheriff’s department if Webley is elected.

I know Jim and Elbon and have worked with both of them and I can state with no reservation or hesitation that we absolutely must elect Jim Webley as the next sheriff of Randolph County.

Charles Church

Valley Bend


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