Time running out on election campaigns

I called Sen. Capito’s office this morning but she wasn’t there. Someone said she might be out on the Capitol steps helping change diapers on the Democrats who boycotted the vote this morning on Judge Amy Barrett.

I didn’t watch the show but there must have been a lot of them there, tears on their face and crying at the top of their lungs because they didn’t get their way.

Okay, enough of the sarcasm. That was only a description that could appear in a political cartoon someday. We have more important problems to deal with and time is running out.

We haven’t heard any more about Senator Feinstein’s very inappropriate and disparaging remarks insinuating the judge’s religion is going to be a problem in future decisions. If McConnell had made such a remark when he was Minority Leader they would try to impeach him. Why do Democrats get a pass all the time?

We’re in a lot of trouble, readers. The President can’t seem to understand the damage to him when he keeps saying the COVID virus is going to go away like POOF. Republicans are failing to grasp an opportunity to show that Trump is not responsible for the spread of the virus; the timeline won’t support the claim.

Biden and Company keep harping and few Republicans are challenging them. Scare tactics can win if not debunked.

Biden’s campaign is only pushing a couple big things; COVID and health care. He’s lying when he says he won’t raise taxes on middle income. Fox News has several news bytes where he says he will.

It’s not funny that Biden appears to be slipping every day. The gaffes he has made simply prove he is not strong enough to take on the job. The Democrats want the White House so desperately they don’t care if they push him into a stroke or worse.

Readers, we need President Trump for this next term. He’s made a lot of progress but there’s more to be done. If Biden gets elected it’s all over.

We simply can’t take another term of Obama’s policies, which is what it would be. They had eight years and couldn’t put the brakes on Obama’s clueless leadership.

Trump has turned things around and is taking us back up the hill but it’s a long hard push. Let’s get behind him and help. It’s the right thing to do.

Harold Arbogast



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