Biden supporter happy with election

After four long years, the Trump nightmare is near its end and there has been much rejoicing. Now, I know you Trumpcakes out there are bitter and angry but I implore you to take this opportunity to reflect and let this truly sink in.

People celebrated Trump’s defeat, from coast to coast. In fact, celebrations were done clear across the world! From Canada to Ireland, from India to New Zealand and so many other countries between. It is truly unnatural for so many people clear across the globe to celebrate one politician’s defeat. Think about it, truly and deeply, why such elation was brought from Trump losing.

If you need assistance coming to the only obvious conclusion then here it is: Trump was not the best leader he led you to believe he was. He is a fraud. He is a sham. He is an utter failure and I cannot wait to start referring to his ungodly time in the Oval Office in the past tense.

But I will give this much: Heed my advice, never again elect someone whose defeat would create massive scale celebrations not only here in the U.S. but all around the world. Also… Maybe do not elect a guy who hires a lawyer so dim-witted that he holds a major press conference in the dirty parking lot of a landscaping store that is next door to a cremation center and an adult book store. That actually happened. It was hilarious and still is.

Finally, in the hopes that you will be convinced (though I will not hold my breath) that this was not a rigged election, consider this: If the Democrats cheated to win, then how come they allowed themselves to not only lose seats in the House but also bring control of the Senate down to the wire? I am just saying that better cheaters would not have allowed the margin of error to be this close nor would they allow two runoffs in Georgia, of all places, to decide the fate of the Senate Majority.

If you require more proof of no election deceit (at least from our side) then look no further than Trump’s lawyers finding no evidence, not due to a lack of trying, mind you I hope this makes you see the light, whether you like it or not.

Edward S. Brenwalt



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