Election disappoints Trump supporter

It isn’t much fun anymore cleaning up behind the same old horse from which the same old fertilizer falls, day after day and year after year, but I’m going to do it one more time since there appears to be two or three, possibly four Democrats in the area who get their news from MSNBC, CNN and other leftist web sites.

Before I go further I want to acknowledge Timothy Simmons’ letter in the Nov. 14 edition. You are right, Mr. Simmons. You couldn’t be more concise. Voting could be so easy, even in national elections, that you could vote from home thru your local county website and use two or three simple ID’s and go for it. Some say it’s too easily hacked. Poppycock! You order stuff from Ebay and Amazon, have you lost anything there? Don’t have a computer? The county clerk could give you a permanent pass or some ID’s and you can vote in the lobby. How complicated is that?

Mr. Lloyd Price, do you have any idea how many votes were withheld and hidden somewhere? They are still uncovering them and it is definitely fraud. It wasn’t caused by Republicans since it’s all anticonservative. I also don’t think Pelosi and Schumer know who’s doing it but they love it. They don’t even want to investigate it. I would like to see some of these creeps put in jail to send a message to the others: “Keep it up; we’ll get around to you.”

Were you disappointed that the marchers who gathered in D.C. didn’t try to burn the city down and break in and loot the stores? Your snuggle-buddies sent in help to start some altercations, hoping police would be swayed to the peaceful bystanders. Fail!

You said no more lies, no more bragging or name calling. How could that be possible? Biden lied about his super rich son and China and Ukraine. Or did that not happen? Do you know how his son became worth more than his daddy? This man just got elected president and you think it’s great. Mr. Simmons knows Trump was well on track to bring us back to pre-Obama days but it wasn’t in the cards. For old people like me and you, our worst days are coming.

Harold Arbogast



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