Reader: America is now in decline

On Sunday, Nov. 8, Iran made a statement that the election process proved that America was “in decline.” For once I agree wholeheartedly with Iran.

In these modern times there is no excuse for not having a voting process that is tamperproof and error proof. It’s more complicated to run Facebook than it should be to run an honest voting process.

Common sense should tell you that voters need to be registered, they should have a picture ID, and the votes have to be in by a deadline. Anyone that says different is trying to get votes in an illegal way.

The violence in our cities over the last year along with the spectacle of our election is a clear sign that our great country is no longer the shining example of what a free society can be. The actions of our politicians, and the actions of groups like ANTIFA and their supporters, have brought our country to the brink of disaster. I feel helpless to stop it.

Timothy M. Simmons



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