Wimer Stadium plans need to be transparent

To EHS alumni, former athletes, band members, cheer squads and all that have utilized Wimer Stadium:

I have waited for someone to question the deceitful and non-transparent information and events surrounding the namesake of former Coach Frank Wimer and our football stadium. It seems to me that our Board of Education has planned to move the football stadium, permanently.

Our young men and women performed remarkably well this 2020 football season under very difficult conditions. They had no home field to play on nor home field advantage due to the sudden closure of Wimer Field.

I am confused about how the engineering, the materials, money and planning could have gone awry in the short period of time of the “new bleachers” that should have lasted another 100 years. The thing I am most disappointed about is that I see no plan or explanation for the future of this namesake. I see no solution for our kids having a field to play or perform on in 2021.

If I may, I would like to remind this Board that some years back a move was devised to change the location of our football field and alumni fought valiantly to retain its location. It is time for this superintendent and the board to explain what the future plans are for this storied and historic (for Elkins) program. EHS football has been part of this community for over 100 years.

I personally went to thank the Elkins High School coaching staff, the team, band members and cheer squad for a great 2020 season. I wish them all the best.

#20 Class of 1969

Jerry W. Trimboli



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