Reader discusses COVID controversies

I am so glad that all those celebrities from Hollywood and our great leaders in Washington and across the nation took their vaccination with the press pushing cameras in their face.

“See there folks; it didn’t hurt at all. If I can do it you can do it. Hurry and get your shot!” Cheap and childish publicity. I resent being talked to like a kid. Publicity stunt, right, Tom Hanks?

The reason I’m bringing it up is I saw many celebrities who were not in the proper pecking order to receive the vaccine but they got it anyway. Someone had to invite them.

As for spreading the disease, Tucker County is the textbook for how to handle COVID-19. Not! My wife and I have both seen quarantine abuses and have heard stories of people, some we actually know who are feeling poorly and are delaying testing till they get some task done before possibly being holed up for a couple weeks. Many have ignored the quarantine and go, as usual, anywhere they please. They continue interacting and possibly infecting several people because they are self-serving.

There was a report from TCHD dated Dec. 11 that confirmed what I felt all along. The way it’s set up shows, to me at least that information is being purposely manipulated. The CDC wants county health departments to report at least some outbreaks as one case to DHHR. That’s right, regardless of the number of actual cases are involved in the outbreak. One outbreak in the report had six people infected but DHHR is calling it one case and passing it on that way to CDC. It looks like suppression to me, and it’s not TCHD’s fault. It looks like they’re keeping tabs on the true number. Good!

Here’s a good one. Biden stood behind a podium and blamed President Trump because all the people weren’t vaccinated by now. All I ever heard Trump say was that there would be vaccines before the year was out. One more. Norah O’Donnell tried to blame Trump for many unnecessary deaths because he wanted a couple days hold-up on vaccinations in nursing homes until they could make sure patients could handle it or even want it.

The real nursing home killer is Andrew Cuomo. He ordered hospitals to dump positive cases in there with our parents and grandparents. Non-apologetic about it, too. I’m no expert but I don’t see any leadership in the governor or Mayor DeBlasio.

Harold Arbogast



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