Reader offers satiric viewpoint

I’m so glad we are finally getting rid of Donald Trump. It has been a tortuous four years of his ridiculous attempts to Make America Great Again. What are the biggest sins committed? I know a couple of them.

A popular one is building the border wall. It takes a big crass mentality to pull something like that. He actually was going to force illegal aliens to try harder and more dangerous ways to enter the country. Is anything crueler? Also in the works was his plan to round up undocumented people and send them back until they got the proper paperwork, at which time, after waiting in line they could re-enter. Have you ever heard of a heartless policy like that anywhere?

Trump also was in favor of tougher drug laws. I don’t understand it. I know he is aware that selling drugs is the main economy in all of the major cities in those zones where the police avoid because it’s dangerous. In spite of the danger in the ‘hood, I’ve seen on the news many times Cadillac Escalades, Jaguars, Navigators, Corvettes and other coveted wheels parked in driveways and street fronts. These poor souls wouldn’t be able to get around if the flow of drugs disappeared. We have to allow people to have a slice of the apple pie, otherwise we’d be contributing to a rise in brazen robberies and breaking into drug stores.

It’s time we realize how badly the country will suffer if some of Trump’s policies were put into effect. I can’t wait to see Biden sign the paperwork that will have all undocumented aliens standing in line to get processed. He said 11 million but it could be 15 million or more. It matters not how many, they all get in. Remember, he promised this in a debate which is on YouTube. Also, not another foot of wall will be built. Hooray! Now that’s real leadership folks. I never thought I’d ever see sensible guidance like this in my lifetime. There will also be legislation started to put income tax closer to rates in European countries. Is this a great country or what?

I dedicate this letter to all Democrats. I don’t want to leave out my two most popular pen pals who also write to the editor, Mr. Brenwalt of Kerens and Mr. Price of Beverly. You’re finally getting what you want.

Harold Arbogast



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