Business owner: Elkins needs a city manager

The city has great individuals who are committed to the success of Elkins. Even with commitment, the organizational structure can limit the ability of Elkins to achieve its full potential.

The city has four key positions — Operations Manager, Treasurer, Fire Chief and Police Chief. An analogy can be made to a football team. There is an offensive line coach (fire department), defensive line coach (police department), running back coach (operations) and strength coach (finance).

Who is the head coach coordinating the four managers’ efforts? For Elkins it is a part-time head coach — City Council, which meets twice a month. (Under the current City Charter, neither the Mayor nor the City Clerk have any authority over the four key managers.)

Combining all city funds, Elkins has a $13 million annual budget. Should Elkins have a full time manager/head coach to coordinate and implement what Council plans? Most definitely!

A City Manager form of government allows the Council to concentrate on policy and direction. The City Manager can focus on coordination and efficient operations. The result: Elkins realizing its full potential. Vote FOR Question 1 Manager-Mayor form of government.

Mark Doak

Elkins business owner


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