Medical marijuana a smoking hot topic

All these years I thought I knew at least a little about the way government worked and was taught that the lawmakers were sworn to keep our best interests in mind when considering legislation.

Wow! I’m coming to realize I wasn’t paying attention in class. Some laws and official procedures that lawmakers pass have different interpretations and are immediately put on hold until a state or federal judge ruled on the legality of it.

Even then, if you can’t get satisfaction, it can be solicited before SCOTUS or your state supreme court and ask them to rule on it. The worst they can do is say no.

Obviously I missed something in civics class. I had a course in 9th grade and another in 12th grade. Turns out that our U.S. Congress can make their own decisions by a simple up or down vote on the constitutionality of something they’re about to do. That’s what happened for the faux impeachment show the Democrats are doing. Read the AP article if you haven’t already in The Inter-Mountain, Tuesday Feb. 9, page A4, last item, last paragraph. Might as well dissolve SCOTUS, the Dems have this.

Now let’s go back to West Virginia for a minute. The governor hinted he wants to get rid of the state income tax and increase the sales tax to 7.5% except in those towns like Elkins who have their own 1%, so in those towns it’s 8.5 %. That’s $8.50 per $100 or $85 per $1,000. Is this a great country or what!

Medical marijuana. Oh boy! I can’t wait. Some local and not so local outlets will be opening soon.

Right now they’re not supposed to sell for puffing, just swallowing. Yeah, right! Legislators have seen the dollar signs and are blinded by the green glow.

This dope deal is still illegal under federal statutes and AG Morrisey has made it clear that the banks who take the cash could be busted anytime.

Presidents tinker with the law and it’s difficult to keep up with the feds because of that. There was talk a few years ago of having out of state credit unions taking some of it. It’s a lot of work to skirt the law but that color green is so enticing.

Harold Arbogast



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