Reader concerned by perceived socialism

Let me get this straight. You allowed the socialist to steal the election and remove a president who gave us the best economy we’ve had in 50 years, a president who put America first. You then installed someone who I believe is a want-a-be socialist. Who, on the first day in the White House, fired over 50,000 American citizens. Smart move!

As for Joe Biden’s united speech. Bull-feathers. Beware, U.S. citizens, socialism has started. Citizens that do not agree with them or show evidence they lied are being attacked by severe harassment and property damage and bodily abuse. Biden’s door to opportunity is a door to disaster.

Do you, as a reader, know what kind of pension people in Congress get? Believe me when I tell you they will not be suffering like all the rest of us will if we go to socialism. You think having a rich 10% is horrible and needs to change? What if we only had a rich .001%? Because that’s what will happen. I believe they will take our money, our guns, our homes and our dignity, not to mention what little pride we have about being the best country in the world.

As an old man, in my seventies, it is hard to comprehend how America has changed so much in a few decades. Especially, of how they now perceive the precious rights and liberties granted us by our founding fathers, the greatest Constitution in the world.

The day is coming that socialism will take over the U.S. and it will take over through liberal deceitfulness.

Politicians like Joe Biden are fooling people into socialism, promises of free health care, free college education, free housing. Free, free, free.

No guns allowed by citizens they say. No high or middle or low classes. All citizens have the same value and all citizens have jobs but cannot keep profit, it goes to the government.

Socialist democrats want absolute total power of the country, all money and all the guns. Giving our money to what they think needs it. What happens after the government can only pay for some of the free promises and they run out of money?

Good day!

Robert Ware

French Creek


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