Reader opposes minimum wage hike

I have talked with Sen. Joe Manchin’s office about my concern of his possible support of raising the minimum wage. I asked that he not support raising the minimum wage by any amount because it will still be minimum wage, and the only thing it will do is raise the cost of living.

The staff person indicated that he may support raising it to $11 but not to $15/hour. This is still a 51% increase.

I asked his representative if Senator Manchin would support or introduce a bill to also raise our Social Security benefits by 51%.

I did not get an answer.

I started working at a minimum wage of $1 per hour and supported the raise to $1.25/hr. Soon, prices for groceries, etc. raised by the same percentage and I was still at minimum wage.

Please contact Sen. Manchin’s office at 304 342-5855 and politely ask him to not support any increase in minimum wage; or at least support raising the Social Security benefits by the same percentage.

Douglas Cooper

Valley Head


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