Aiding totally disabled vets

This resolution has been brought up 2015 to 2020 and was never let out of the committee. They always say the budget is tight but they seem to have enough to exempt military retirees and numerous other people.

The totally disabled veterans are not asking for much considering what they have given and how they suffer on a daily basis, mentally and physically.

Had our young men and women over the years not gone to wars in defense of freedom, we might be in a dictatorship.

The time has come for all brave legislators to come to the aid of our totally disabled veterans.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, after Great Britain was saved from Hitler’s army and is most fitting today, “Never before have so many owed so much to so few of our courageous veterans.”

I would encourage any veteran or concerned West Virginian to contact their legislators today and ask them to take a stand and bring these bills to the floor that will benefit our brave veterans and service men and women in coming years.

Roger D. Champ

U.S. Army Veteran



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