Current events prompt questions from reader

Last week, March 11, I endured 20-plus minutes of the most agonizing blathering I have ever experienced. Our wonderful president stood in front of that TV camera and told one whopper after another and didn’t bat an eye, so to speak.

The only people who believed his lies were those who fawned over him from day one and those who would vote for Satan himself as long as he was a registered Democrat. Do any of you readers know anybody like that? Perhaps a neighbor or someone who works with you? This country is in a lot of trouble, more than I ever imagined.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, although I know some. The problem I have is knowing that the ills of this nation are getting worse because of a man who increasingly appears to be losing his touch with reality. The handlers, that is to say, the ones who yank him onward if he stops to answer a question and the ones who write the content of his speeches, albeit short ones that most people could memorize. They’re mostly running things.

If the conspiracy theorists are onto something, it must be explored that there are unidentified or unidentifiable forces (people) who are able to finally get a plant, or more than one, embedded into an administration and begin mesmerizing the staff and training them to keep the president as silent as possible and away from the public and any major news conferences where he could mess the whole thing up if he tried to answer a hard question. Is it any wonder that people think there are other forces at work?

George Stephanopoulos pretended to press Biden in an interview about welcoming the aliens and then told them to stay there awhile longer. That was the last question he asked about immigrants. Then there is Lester Holt, who had Biden’s chief of staff at the Lincoln Memorial who, like Biden last Thursday night, told one lie after the other and Holt let him go. There’s more about that one in The Inter-Mountain March 18 in Tim Graham’s column.

Yes readers, we are in a lot of trouble. China is back at the supper table and the illegal aliens have been invited to come attend the feast, and we’ll have a place for you to stay, all paid for. Gee! I love this country!

Harold Arbogast



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