Our piece of the pie keeps getting small

The Free Dictionary defines the phrase “a piece of the pie” as a share in an amount of money or a business regarded as something to be divpided up. You want, and expect, your fair share, especially when you’ve paid into that business.

In this case, I am not referring to a business, I am referring to the United States, the country we pay taxes into. Congress is running it and they are about to run us right out of business. The last three pandemic relief bills have gone to projects that have nothing to do with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The problem is, the piece of pie the average American gets is already small. Pay close attention and watch as your pie slowly disappears before you.

Approximately $500 million to help the country of Jordan erect a wall between their country and Syria to keep out Syrians who are escaping from the war (Washington Times). Rather ironic, wouldn’t you say?

How about this… $25 million to the country of Pakistan for gender studies (Yahoo News). Did you just see it ? A little more of your pie just got shaved off.

National Guard soldiers deploy to Washington, D.C. at a cost of $500 million, and that’s the beginning (Military News). Rumors were that Delaware was planning an attack.

Recently three states got the biggest cut of the pie. California, New York and Texas received 29% of the $350 billion (USA Today).

And to make things worse, due to the Southern border being overrun with illegal immigrants, Biden announced he would foot the bill for their stay in hotels at a cost of $86 million (Yahoo News). That doesn’t count for the others who have yet to cross over. I hear the President wants to use some military bases to house some of the immigrants (Fox News). How much further will that set back the country?

More Box Scores. $1,400 per person. For small business, up to $10,000, depending on how they assess you on the grant you fill out. The Middle Class is the largest among the economic classes.

Cut out the gifts to the overseas countries, the illegal immigrants, and the rich and elite. How much more could have been given to the folks who make this country go. And what about the homeless, our American vets? How much more could they receive to better their situation?

I want you to notice that I referred to the governing body as Congress, not any one political party. They have gotten away with this for much too long. Vote some of these nuts out of office!

In the meantime, enjoy your piece of the pie. If you can find it on the plate.

Clark Martin



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