Reader opposes bills before Legislature

Dear fellow West Virginians,

The 85th West Virginia Legislature will soon be voting on very important bills: House Bill 2715 and Senate Bill 318, which will probably affect your life in some way.

This bill will eliminate the publication of legal notices in newspapers, and place them on a government controlled website.

I oppose this because:

1) Many people in West Virginia do not have tech access, or knowledge thereof. I want to know of items which affect my life. One very important example would be utilities seeking rate raises from the West Virginia Public Service Commission. This could affect your finances. One needs to know the issue, and the date, time and site of public hearings.

If a city, county of state is planning to adopt laws which affect my life, I want to know the details. Deadlines on issues could be missed if citizens are unaware of the same. Citizens’ input is important.

2) We need newspapers. If this bill is passed, newspapers will lose revenue, and we could lose this valuable tool of information. All of my life, newspapers have been in the home. I love them. I frequently cut out valuable items to refer to later.

(If you wonder why I sent this to the Elkins newspaper, I did so because I subscribe to The Inter-Mountain and enjoy it very much. My ancestors many years ago settled on the Cheat. I hold memberships in three IOOF lodges in Elkins, and have many good friends in Elkins. It’s a wonderful city. Good people!)

3) Government needs to be transparent. Our elected officials need to be “accountable” to the people who elected them. They are “our voice” in Charleston and owe us loyalty, knowledge and help. (Regardless of whether we voted for them.)

I called the Charleston Legislature office and a gracious lady answered, and mailed to me, without a fee, a current Legislature membership directory, comprised of all the senators and delegates and other pertinent information.

Then I wrote a letter, mailing the same to the 136 senators and delegates comprising the 85th West Virginia Legislature, asking each to veto this bill. I considered the costs involved, time, paper, envelopes and postage as a birthday gift to myself, thanking God I could celebrate my 88th birthday in February.

I feel I am qualified to speak on this matter:

1) I was employed for 45 years as a legal secretary in West Virginia, Texas and Mississippi, and had to read and act on many legal notices.

I served eight years as the first and only mayor of my beloved Shinnston, and served 10 years as a council person.

Please call or write the West Virginia Legislature and ask them to veto this bill. You have good delegates.

Thank you for reading this and for your help. I want my children, grandchildren and sons-in-law to have a legacy that I stand up when the cause is just.

Wanda Ashcroft



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