Tale of two brothers

A short story of two brothers who act as if they are God’s gift to the world. The little brother in the duo got himself hired on to one of the three hours of prime time on CNN, following His Majesty Anderson Cooper who has the coveted spot at 8 p.m. The older brother got elected governor of New York. That’s right, it’s the Cuomo boys, Chris and Andrew. How have their lives been an example for us to follow?

Gov. Cuomo’s plan was going to save us all. He demanded, from President Trump, a ridiculous amount of supplies, like ventilators and beds and tents for overflow.

When Trump asked him if a hospital ship would help him he immediately accepted. Almost none of it was used. The captain left port with the ship and went home. It became sadder every day to watch a man hold news conferences almost daily and ramble on and on about his good leadership.

Then, he put those infected patients in many nursing homes. There’s a hole in his boat and sooner or later he’s going down. Or maybe not. Don’t forget, he’s a Democrat. Get this man out of there and into jail, where he belongs.

Lastly, Joe Biden continues to slip into that world from which there is no return, known in medical terms as dementia. His handlers know it and won’t let him hold a news conference or give a speech longer than 10 minutes, and someone is right there in case he tries to answer a question from the crowd. It’s really sad, but they must hold power at any cost. My biggest fear is VP Harris taking over. May God help us; no one else will.

Harold Arbogast



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