Understanding just who is to blame

Who’s to blame?

Our political leaders are leaving 2020 in the rear view mirror, yet they’re dragging an anchor into and through 2021. Despite touting a record-breaking development of several COVID-19 vaccines, deaths and hospitalizations from the virus are an expanding problem.

Although the vaccine will save lives, it will not save the country from abject debt. Nor will it save companies or individuals from personal bankruptcy.

America is in a crisis, one that even Hollywood could not have imagined. As if you haven’t paid enough already, be prepared for your taxes to rise and for programs such as Social Security and Medicare to be reduced.

Simply put, with our current political misfits in Washington focused chiefly on the incomprehensible political unrest, which they caused, the nation’s troubles have gone from acute to chronic.

Infighting aside. It’s as plain as day, America is taking on water and the pumps broke years ago.

Have you ever had a friend who’s had some horrible, embarrassing event in their life?

The last thing you want to do is mention it. That’s America and our debt problem. It’s so bad that we don’t talk about it anymore.

Is America destitute? It’s easy to picture the United States as a Hummer packed full of shopping bags, with supersized sodas in the cup holders and a plasma screen TV poking through the sunroof, a nation whose sins are those of excess.

It feels strange to depict our country as a pauper with its empty pockets pulled inside out. America’s politicians desire to wish its problems away is so severe that it has even come up with a belief that deficits and debt don’t really matter for a sovereign country that can print its own currency.

Need more money? You just keep printing more. It’s like magic. The bill never comes due.

Having blamed both Democrats and Republicans for our impending national bankruptcy, is there anyone else left to blame?

Yes, indeed, now we come to the principal culprits: “We the people.” It’s very convenient to blame politicians for our fiscal wreck, but the bottom line is that a lot of Americans want the government to do things for them, and so they elect big spenders. Perhaps it is correct. Every country has the government it deserves.

It doesn’t seem to matter to either party if the whole government goes bankrupt. Remember when with obstinate (even criminal) intent the Senate refused to vote on a federal budget. That indicates to me that both Democrats and Republicans have gone all in on their diabolical bankruptcy road to a nationalization strategy.

Both parties tell scared American citizens that the government will always take care of them.

We the people must wake up, stop being afraid to oppose a strong government before its response to the next fiscal emergency, and take over large swaths of the private sector. Or worse, take away your freedoms.

Good day!

Robert Ware

French Creek


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