Free will offers choices and also consequences

The question of the day is: Do we believe in The God? But, do we really believe in The God?

I worked for a company that had two main rules — do not discuss politics and do not discuss religion.

Sometimes that is a good rule of life. Yet, is there a difference between God and religion?

The Book states that in the latter days there will be a great falling away. A form of godliness without the deity!

The following is from an article published in The Inter-Mountain Jan. 1, 2021: “Oaths questioned as Trump’s backers fight against loss.” I am only sharing a small part of the article, but maybe it will be published again.

“Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican, vowed to honor the oath she took and affirm the results of the presidential election while urging colleagues to do the same. Republican Sen. Todd Young of Indiana was seen in a video posted to social media telling Trump supporters outside a Senate office building that he took an oath to the Constitution under God and asked, ‘Do we still take that seriously in this country?'”

Would it be better if our government leaders gave true oath to The God? If we would obey the laws of God?

The Book states that in the beginning God created the heaven, the earth, birds, bees, flowers and trees. He created man from the ground, and woman from the rib of man.

Man was put in the garden. He was told to subdue, to dress, and to keep the garden. Was he at any point given ownership?

Maybe man was only meant to be a tenant. Would that make God our boss? Should we do the will of God? Free will gives us a choice. Adam made a bad choice and he was evicted.

Genesis 6: “It repented God that he had made man. He sent the flood. The next time will be fire! Beware!”

Think what you will. Judge me if you must.

Life is but a state of mind and heart. What is in your mind, what is in your heart?

William Likens



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