Is Biden obsessed?

Joe Biden has done nothing but lie and deceive since the day after the election. He lied when he said he started with nothing concerning the coronavirus and he hasn’t stopped. He lied without blinking about Trump letting kids die of hunger who were on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande. He is 100 percent obsessed with undoing every good thing that Trump had put in place.

Take a look at what he’s done for China. They have every privilege and more that they had before Trump stopped them. There are people who feel that we will wake up some morning and hear that Biden, without raising an eyebrow, has allowed China to annex Taiwan. Taiwan has no real status at the UN so China can go claim it any time and no one is going to help our friends, the Taiwanese, especially Biden.

Let’s talk about a specific obsession. Continual bragging two or three times a week on the vaccinations as one of his major accomplishments. Poo Poo! Everywhere you look now there are large pockets of people who are not taking that shot and his bubble is going to burst soon.

I have said before, and still maintain that I am not a conspiracy theorist, but there’s someone in charge of this administration and it’s not Joe Biden. As I often say, “May God save us, the Democrats won’t.”

Harold Arbogast



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