Reader comments on political climate

The following statements are clips and quips from recent newscasts and newsprints. All are verifiable.

The NYC spokespeople for the alternate lifestyle parade has banned the police from showing a presence because they don’t like them and some LGBTQ and possibly XOJWPMDVZY folks might be intimidated and stay away. Holy cow! Who runs that city?

They said the police and EMT squads were welcome to follow at least one block away out of sight, I suppose in case they got attacked. Sounds like a good day to get the Blue Flu.

Secretary of State Blinkin had a short press conference and said something like Israel has a right to defend the homeland. He then said something about how Hamas and Palestinian women and children shouldn’t be targeted. Well now, being an ordnance specialist during the Vietnam War I can state unequivocally those bombs and rocket warheads, just like God, are no respecter of persons. Basically, they go where they’re dropped.

Did any of you readers see the Biden news conference last week as he stopped and came back to the podium to answer a question? He said “I’m gonna get in trouble. I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions.”

Some conspiracy theorists had waited months to hear a statement like that. They believe, and sometimes I’m inclined to, that someone else is actually running the country.

Marjorie Clifton, who worked on Obama’s campaigns, is a diehard defender of everything dumb that’s going on with COVID-19. Harris Faulkner hosed her down with two curt words when she couldn’t bring a good response to Faulkner’s statement “tell us the truth” so she blurted out “like drinking bleach?” as if Trump really meant that.

“Not funny!” says Faulkner. The Democrats have an emergency packet of Trump quips and insults and when backed in a corner they pull one out and Clifton certainly brought hers along. Faulkner always has hers too and knows how the game is played.

Is Biden really going to give Ford Motor Co. and some others a sack of cash to further refine electric cars and trucks? Baloney!

Some news people said it sounded like a real possibility when Biden went to the Ford plant last week. Ford is doing quite well and they’re not part of the infrastructure.

Harold Arbogast



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