Reader: Manchin has a strong vision

In response to the April 22 “Manchin supports pro-union legislation, incentives to help coal .”

Joe Manchin has gotten it right!

With Sen. Manchin’s advocacy for a cleaner energy future and with his most recent support for the PRO Act, he has developed a vision for West Virginia that brings it out from under the fossil fuel extraction rock that it’s been under for decades.

Through Manchin’s skill at negotiating, he has brought to the table the likes of UMW President Cecil Roberts to explore the transition from coal to green energy. This is great news! West Virginia veterans understand the importance of sticking together for the benefit of all.

Joe Manchin has come to know that West Virginians are tired of the uncertainty of an industry that has locked workers into a dead-end lifestyle, trashed the landscape, and sickened families and communities. He has come to realize that West Virginia can move from an “extraction state” to a “Green Energy state.”

As Chairman of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee, he’s able to move West Virginia from the bottom of U.S. statistics to a top-level leader in green energy manufacturing and production.

As a U.S. Army veteran, I am confident that a partnership between Roberts and Manchin will yield the kind of job creation that needs to be protected by the PRO Act. The PRO Act allows workers to form and join unions that ensure good incomes and benefits, workplace safety, and employment resilience for our state.

If you’re a West Virginia veteran, call Sen. Manchin and let him know he’s got it right!

Ginnie McNeil



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