Reader upset by stadium decision

To the sports fans and alumni of Elkins High School,

It would appear that the new regime has accomplished what they have been trying to do for years. This is to move our historic and perfectly viable Wimer Stadium to the new Elkins High School property.

This being the same location that we were told that no lights could be installed due to the airport. Now, we will be installing additional lighting on the property.

By the way, this brings to mind the large amount of money it will cost to remove the excellent lights and scoreboard that are already on Wimer Field. These lights are not very old. As well, what about the “new” bleachers that hundreds of people donated money to have their family names engraved on? The seating rows will now be eliminated. Well, that was money down the drain.

I am concerned that in the name of athletics there will be a push for a school levy to pay for this million-dollar-plus project. Having said that, how many people in Randolph County saw an increase in their personal income during the 2020 pandemic? Like your hardworking restaurant workers or your minimum wage employees that make up a large majority of residents who live in our area?

There is a rumor that the original EHS property and Wimer Stadium will be used for a consolidated elementary school. If this is the plan, there will go the perfectly good schools that were built for our young children in places of pride in the community. And in South Elkins, that would bring an additional traffic load onto our neighborhoods.

In closing, I would say, again, that our beloved Wimer Stadium was attempted to be moved some years ago, but our loyal, strong-willed alumni protected and kept Wimer Stadium right where it belonged.

Sorry, Coach Wimer, Coach Irwin and both Coach Hotts. I have said all that I can say.

Jerry W. Trimboli

#20 Class of 69


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