Reader watches as America changes

It started in the 1950s when I was a young man. In 1956, while addressing the Western Bloc, Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev declared in a speech, with a clenched fist overhead, “… we will bury you.”

Later, in 1963, during a speech in Yugoslavia, he clarified himself as meaning “… of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you.”

Authors have suggested that Khrushchev meant that Russia would make the funeral arrangements for capitalism after its failure. Maybe that’s when I got interested in politics …

I can remember when a man with a plan was respected in the community; today it’s just a sitcom on TV. I can remember when a liar was an outcast; today it’s what your agenda dictates. I can remember when racism was a prejudice; today it’s a socialist agenda to divide America.

I can remember family values; today we’re losing Dr. Seuss. I can remember when climate change was a debate; today, we’re losing Dr. Seuss. I can member when the American news was American; today it’s mostly socialist propaganda. I can remember when kids were taught American values by respected teachers; today the socialist agenda is obvious. I remember when we were energy independent and gas was 90 cents cheaper just last year. Today we will soon be buying from our enemies again.

I can remember when the communist dictators were looking for a puppet; today they found one. I can remember freedom of speech; today it depends on your agenda. I can remember when communism was part of a history class; today it’s here.

If you can’t see communism coming, you don’t want to. Someday, the question will be, “What happened to America?”

I can remember a great speech by John F. Kennedy: “It’s not what America can do for you, it’s what you can do for America.”

I remember talk about a frog in hot water; today American people are in hot water and some don’t even know it. I remember when the Democrat party was a good patriotic party; today they are controlled by communist dictators with 100 years more experience in controlling the masses. Read up on Joe Stalin and Karl Marx. Raindrops make rivers …

Have the courage to stand up for the greatest nation on Earth!

I can remember family values and three meals a day; today it’s another government program. I can remember when unions were a good thing; today pay your money to the union bosses and bite the hand that feeds you.

Today I watch local networks only for the weather forecast. Maybe I’m too outspoken, but I like America.

Randall McCauley



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