Remembering John Zirbs

For those of you who did not grow up in Elkins, let me introduce you to Super Fan (aka John Zirbs). John is a few years older than me and went to Elkins High School just like I did.

By the time I got to high school, John has long since graduated but was still there for every game and sporting event, plus many of the band concerts and other events. But he was there in his secret identity of Super Fan, cheering on the team season after season. It didn’t matter if we won or lost. Super Fan’s enthusiasm and dedication was unwavering.

John was a little different than some people, but that never slowed him down or held him back. His day job was as a carrier for The Inter-Mountain, something he did for more continuous years than anybody else in history. If you met him, you couldn’t help but be inspired by his love and dedication to his hometown and especially to the high school that meant the world to him.

Sadly, John recently suffered a heart attack, multiple strokes, a brain aneurysm and pneumonia. This combination proved to be too much even for Super Fan, and he flew from this world to the next (wearing his trademark orange and black cape, I am sure).

Thank you Super Fan for all those years of loyalty and love and devotion to your town and school.

As I thought about Super Fan/John, I wondered what life would be like if more of us could find that one thing that we are truly passionate about and we focused a little more on it and a little less on the hectic crazy world around us. I think Super Fan maybe understood life better than most.

Mike McQuain

Tarpon Springs, Florida


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