Is Harris dancing as fast as she can?

Wow! Who woulda thunk it? Kamala Harris is not only the best VP the United States ever had, she’s also the best female tap dancer I’ve seen since Hillary did it in the Benghazi hearings.

Lester Holt was calling the dance numbers in the latest round before she left for Guatemala to solve the immigration flood. When he asked her why she hadn’t visited the border since Uncle Joe appointed her as border czar some 11 weeks prior, that was her cue to start dancing so she was off and running, er-er-er, I mean dancing. You know the rest, readers. She danced two numbers in quick succession: “We’ve been to the border” and “I’ve never been to Europe but I’ve been to the border.”

OK, it’s time to get serious because this no laughing matter. How did these two incompetents get elected? West Virginia didn’t carry them but on the official map of votes cast there are some pale reds mixed in with the darker reds, pale meaning fewer percentage of votes for Trump and reds meaning solid Trump. We have some moderate Democrats, folks.

There is surely a day of reckoning coming and as a nation we’re going to pay a price that will destroy the very base of the country. Not in my life time, but it’s coming. The current Democrats are testing the water and building the first bridge to allow our country to be invaded first by illegal aliens, then foreign troops. Biden has indicated several times, as did some Democrats in Congress, that we should be downsized in strength and wealth to make more foreign countries like us. Actually readers, they want to kill us and if we get much weaker we’re in a lot of trouble.

Biden can’t see through his squinting eyes just how perilous things are, and now he’s being warned about meeting with Putin on his G-7 trip. His handlers don’t think he can handle Putin and they’re right. I saw an interview on Fox News I think and the man said Biden will meet with Putin and there will soon be a thousand ships arriving on the west coast to take America to Russia, one boat load at a time.

That’s a little stretch of course, but it does show the incompetence of Biden. Let’s hope he gets on the wrong plane leaving Europe.

May God save us.

Harold Arbogast



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