Official: Tire recycling events much needed

My name is Clark Martin and I am chairman of the Randolph County Solid Waste Authority. I am writing to you concerning the tire recycling project which has been put on by REAP for many years now.

REAP is apart of DEP. It was halted in 2020 due to the pandemic. There are a smattering of tire recyclings around the State. Sixteen out of 55 counties are, this year, performing tire recycling.

This year I contacted the DEP to see if they would be starting it back up. I attempted a couple of times about this matter and they said that it would not be performed this year as the company and the state had a parting of the ways.

Meantime, tires are being dumped all over the state and are not being properly disposed of. As one of many Solid Waste Authorities in the state we try to do what we can to keep the state clean through recycling and litter control projects.

We only get so much money through the local transfer station and through the state. Tire recycling is a little bit beyond what our group and many others, can afford to try and pay for ourselves. Randolph is the largest county in the State and it is hard for some of these folks to get to a nearby event.

The people of this state pay so much in taxes and fees each year. One of the payments we make each year is a driver’s license renewal. My understanding is that this goes to the state specifically to conduct tire events.

I, as one of the many Solid Waste Boards in the state, need help. I have contacted my representatives in the State Legislature about this and the State Solid Waste Authority. As it is, the citizens of West Virginia are paying for a service they are not getting.

On the local level, we are trying to educate others about recycling properly and tires are one of the many items in our recycling programs.

I ask Gov. Jim Justice, the State Legislature and Harold Ward of the DEP, please correct this now. We can’t wait ’til next year. It’s just that much more that we will have to clean. And after all, we the people of the state of West Virginia are paying for it.

Clark Martin, Chairman

Randolph County Solid Waste Authority


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