Reader has questions about football fields

In June when I heard the Randolph County Board meeting would address the new football field. I decided to attend the meeting. New to the procedure, I accept responsibility for failing to follow protocol. One must sign in to speak and, due to some vision problems, I was unable to see the instructions on the television mounted on the wall. However, I went to ask the question about what would become of the relatively new lights and scoreboard at the former Wimer Field, knowing it will take several dollars to move or replace them at Elkins High School.

During Mr. Ross Ware’s presentation a few things caught my attention. One was that core drilling had not been completed and the name of the new football field had not been addressed. He did state that football practice would be conducted on the baseball field outfield and that the baseball coach was not pleased about that. This makes me think that there will be other attempts (yes, the first one failed) to install an artificial surface. I believe the amount needed in the first attempt was approximately one million dollars.

So look folks, here comes another call for a levy which has failed several times in the past. In The Inter-Mountain article dated July 14, 2021, it was stated that private donations may be needed for this project. Remember all of the money donated for family names to be inscribed on the nice aluminum seats at Wimer Field? I believe that most of that is to become re-cycled metal. I hope that when “they” come calling, the public will think about that.

I would also encourage people to read the statement that this new “field” is referred to as a sports facility that will not be playoff eligible due to the number of seating availability. In fact, it will be 200 seats less than Wimer Field. Would it not have been less expensive to just repair our beloved Wimer Field?

There is always talk of updating work to TVHS which is another ploy to gain support for “another” levy attempt. The truth is I believe they wanted the land Wimer Field occupied for other reasons, perhaps a consolidated elementary school. Residents in that part of town might want to consider the amount of increased traffic that will cause.

In conclusion, as I stated in the beginning, I failed to follow protocol, but I very politely held up my hand just like a school boy and was not acknowledged until a board member stated that she felt that most of the public supported the moving of Wimer Field. I did (politely) interrupt, saying I whole hardheartedly disagreed, but was denied the opportunity to speak. I understand that.

What I would like to have said to them is I feel the way they proceeded with the moving of Wimer Field is similar to the moving of Civil War statues, a part of this nation’s history, just as Coach Frank Wimer was, perhaps, the greatest sports name in EHS history. Also, some of the greatest players in the school’s history played on Wimer Field like Biggie Goldberg, Big Sleepy and Little Sleepy Glenn, Del Gainer, Kerr Kump and Roy Simms. Please take the time to read the history of Wimer Field that is so well written by Chad Ware in his new football book.

Thank you for bearing with me in my true distress in losing Wimer Field.

Jerry W. Trimboli

#20 Elkins High School Class of 1969


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