Top officials being coddled by media?

How much longer will the far left media let Biden, Harris and their lackey dogs go on lying to us?

Like cosmic rays that bombard the atmosphere we get hammered with faux “facts” day after day. The salivating over these two and the major players in Congress (you know who they are) is sickening.

Wikipedia says China coined the term lackey dog from Running Dog, a dog that chased after people whom they knew had something to eat in the hopes of getting a morsel. They changed it later to mean a person or even a group who sneaked information of the activities of local leaders or dissidents to higher ups in the hopes of getting a reward. It gets more complicated than that but it fits America’s left news media to a T.

Here’s how I would manufacture a lie: “Mr. President, My sources overheard a conversation between two Trump lawyers. They’re pretty sure they were talking about (pick a subject) and they’re fairly certain the lawyers meant Trump was more deeply involved than he admits. Feel free to work this into a press release or news conference and I will see that the cameras are there to pick it up and get it out.”

Does that sound farfetched? Not to me.

How many times just this year has CNN and MSNBC had to walk back big lies like that? They don’t care. They apologize today then whip up another whopper tomorrow.

I get so furious listening to both Biden and Harris lying to cover up their own weakness and clueless leadership.

Biden said he started with nothing (talking about COVID) when he took over. President Trump had a working plan that was in high gear and making huge inroads despite his sloughing off, at first, the importance of masks and vaccinations. He never let up the pressure on the drug companies until they developed a vaccine, and then Biden took all the credit. Incredible! Just Google it, readers.

Kamala Harris while in El Paso said, “We inherited a tough situation.” Your boss made that mess.

David Muir on ABC evening news said, “President Biden fell just short of his goal of July vaccination numbers.” Really? Seven million is “just short?” Tsk tsk tsk!

May God help us! Better yet, take over.

Harold Arbogast



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