Reader opposes masks in schools

No more mandates in West Virginia!

So, yesterday I saw a briefing from our governor in my news feed. I’ve been trying to ignore things, and trying not to say too much. But now this joker Jim Justice is starting back on our kids… again!

First, where exactly is he getting his numbers from? Did he pull them out of a hat? Do you personally know someone hospitalized for COVID right now? Is Davis Memorial out of beds for other patients? Have you noticed ambulances running on our streets any more than before? Almost everyone I know has a scanner. What calls do you hear, or are they basically what you always hear? Have you noticed any employees of fast food or Wal-Mart falling over ill? After all, they have been our true front line workers. I’m betting you say no, ’cause guess what… me either!

Now why I’m sharing. Mr. Justice is threatening us with masks, virtual school, and lock downs… again. Let me start by saying, “Good job, sir, ’cause all that worked the last time.” But more importantly, I’m personally challenging Mr. Justice. It’s kind of funny how you “freed” us on West Virginia Day. You even made a grand show of things. Well, after all, you have to open us up for tourist season. All that Greenbrier money to be had!

Also, we had to keep hush during the West Virginia State Fair. You simply can’t have anything interfering with all that money lining your pockets in our wonderful state. Now that it’s all over, and things have slowed down, why of course we have to go back to mandates and vaccines.

Did Baby Dog, lotteries and trucks fail us? I can’t speak for you, but I can speak for our children, and a lot of other people when I say, “I just don’t really think you have our best interest in mind.”

My point, there is plenty of us that are ready to go on living the way we always have. There are many of us that are not living in fear. We aren’t saying that if you feel more comfortable in a mask it’s wrong. We aren’t saying if you feel comfortable taking an experimental vaccine, it’s wrong. We are saying, it should be each individual’s choice!

As for our kids, we live in America. I was under the impression that until they are 18, they belong to us… the parents, not wards of the state. So, I do not choose my child to try to breathe through a slobbery, bacteria ridden piece of cloth at school. I do not choose for my child to be taught to be terrified of socializing with her friends.

It’s time as parents we stop sitting back, and waiting for things to change. We need to stand together, and refuse to put our kids through this nonsense again. We need to do more than complain on Facebook and share memes. I know I’m sharing here, but it’s a start. I want my friends in different states to help too. So please help me spread this around. We know better than any political figure what is right for our children.

Sabrina Ketterman



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