Senator a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’?

Imagine a government that does everything for you from cradle to grave. Born in a government hospital at no cost, given medical care at no cost, given food, housing, spending money, government job, elderly pay and funeral services at the end of life.

Sounds pretty enticing to think about. Everything is free! Is it really free? What if you didn’t want to work the government job given to perform? Can you refuse? Do you dare to refuse?

Wake up, West Virginia. Wake up America. Sound the alarm, stop hitting the snooze button, turn the autopilot off now. We have very little time left.

Leftists actually believe this intellectual horse manure and Republicans haven’t got a clue how to alleviate their terminal stupidity. Liberals are leading Americans down the path of their own decline and Democrats are chumming along like a bunch of lemmings running off the cliff. This is what feeds their greed, envy and hatred of America and the people who made this country great.

One of West Virginia’s senators is assisting in turning America into the most radical socialist country you have ever seen. America will exist no more. America will be unrecognizable once the Democrats’ harsh laws, ideas and wicked plans start to take effect.

Matthew 7:15 warns us that we are to beware of wolves coming in sheep’s clothing to deceive us. We can apply that today to a politician masquerading among us, proclaiming promises that he cannot possibly deliver unless, in my view, he radically changes the precepts upon which this country was founded.

We are in a battle for the very soul of our nation. This is what we are facing today, with Joe Manchin’s support.

Communist-style coronavirus restrictions; rioting and looting by domestic terrorists; demonstrators in major U.S. cities, burning Bibles and flags; and a push to abolish police.

Joe Manchin supports the Biden administration. Results: Higher taxes, open borders, liberal judges, decreased abortion restrictions, the Green New Deal and the assault on voting regulations.

The “moderate Democrat” from West Virginia might not seem to be as treacherous or venomous as Chuck Schumer of New York or Nancy Pelosi of California. But he clearly supports them when they show their true colors.

Sen. Manchin is engaged in his own attempt to scam West Virginia voters. At first glance, his newsletters look like an advertisement for a cruise line, seemingly inviting the recipient to join him traveling down an idyllic waterway pictured on the cover. Inside, he makes his pitch for West Virginians to join his “fight,” ostensibly for their families. As per usual, the Democrat devil is in the details.

Good day!

Robert Ware

French Creek


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