Tired of vaccination, masking controversy

It has been a while since I last wrote a letter to these pages but a recent letter by one regular Trumpcake that just refuses to stop talking, Harold Arbogast, has spurred me to write a rebuttal.

He mentioned how President Biden is going have to declare mask and vaccination mandates, which he then points out is a complete contrast to the state governors of Florida and Texas. However, he said it as though that would a bad thing, something about government overreach or whatever.

Here is the thing: You are complaining about President Biden doing something when Abbot (of Texas) and DeSantis (of Florida) are doing exactly that thing you are complaining about. Harold, and far too many Trumpcakes for that matter, are complaining about mandates while at the same time seemingly giving praise to two men who are declaring mandates. It is just that those mandates are bans on mask and vaccination requirements for schools or businesses, all the way down to the local level.

Harold predicts that President Biden will make mandates and despises that. DeSantis and Abbot forbids mandates and are, as of this writing, fighting to punish anyone who opposes them. Is that not the very government control of everything that Harold is hating? Sounds like hypocrisy.

One last note: Harold Arbogast, and others like him, by stating their favor for bans on mask and vaccination, are not portraying themselves as the America-loving patriots that they think they are. To be anti-mask and anti-vaccination is to be pro-virus.

Edward S. Brenwalt



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