Vaccination, mask mandates raise issues

Consider this letter a rebuttal to a rebuttal. I refer to Mr. Brenwalt’s letter of Aug. 28 in which he identified me and many other right-leaning conservatives as Trumpcakes. It is written in perfect Dumocrat style and carries the tune of the Bob Dylan classic “Blowin’ In The Wind.”

I want to point out to the readership of the Inter-Mountain that Mr. Brenwalt has grossly misrepresented my position on COVID to a potential 10,000 subscribers if they all read the editorials and letters on Saturdays. I feel the need to address that in case some of those readers reached the same conclusion.

The last two paragraphs of Mr. Brenwalt’s letter make it clear he missed the point. He insinuates in the first part of his letter that I support DeSantis’ and Abbot’s mandates, which I don’t. Those mandates, if followed, will undoubtedly make a lot of people sick and some could die.

The two governors believe they are leading the charge against the people who are actually running the White House, not Biden and his staff. The “way out there” far left have no idea who’s doing what and have surrendered their morals in exchange for what?

If Joe Biden is successful in forcing a comprehensive vaccination/mask mandate, we are in trouble. Many people, including me, feel that this pandemic could be just what they’re looking for, something to justify declaring a pseudo temporary kind of martial law. If it works they’ll try something bigger next time. At least that’s what many conspiracy theorists think. Are they wrong? Stop him now and concentrate on keeping America safe.

If Tony Fauchi and Rochelle Walensky and some other agency chiefs hadn’t created and perpetuated the mass confusion last year, like changing their advice and contradicting each other, we would probably be seeing better results today. They mishandled it miserably.

As I’ve pointed out before, Trump was slow to get on board but it was he who ordered the vaccine research, then Biden took all the credit. Wow!

Now a little advice. Mr. Brenwalt can get an English tutor to assist him in reading comprehension if I’ve written over his head.

For the record, I am mask friendly, vaccine friendly and don’t go to reunions, funeral home visitations, festivals or any gathering of more than four or five. Seems most Tucker Countians have yet to understand this. Our numbers are going up daily.

Know this: I will not support a mandate to force me to do any of the above. I do it on my own.

God save us, the Dumocrats can’t.

Harold Arbogast



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