War with Mexico?

It is time to deal with our border problem in the only way that will be a lasting solution — declare war on Mexico.

We must go in and get rid of the cartels that rule Mexico and give the native people their country back. It would be cheaper to do this than deal with the millions of refugees fleeing across our border only to become a massive drain on our welfare system.

It would cost less than the Afghanistan fiasco, and actually do some good. If the Mexican people had an honest democracy to work with, their only problem would be too many Americans flooding into their country.

The rest of the world despises us anyway, so its time to make our country and its people safe. Stopping the flow of undocumented people from entering our homeland is the number one priority, any fool can see this.

Is giving away our safety worth the Democratic votes gained by opening our borders? Someone please write in and tell me how that works.

Timothy Morgan Simmons



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