Will football lights be a problem for airport?

With all the news about the new Elkins High School football field being moved to the high school. I was wondering if everyone forgot the controversy when they had to install the lights for the current soccer field.

Does anyone remember there was a big discussion about the height of the lights and the Federal Aviation Administration because of the airport. HUM, well it just makes me wonder.

Now I played football for Elkins and I know there are a lot of other guys who have played but I have yet to see any conversation again about the height of the lights. Anyone who has played football knows, compared to soccer, that when the punter punts the ball it usually goes pretty high, so what is going to happen at the new field when the punter kicks the ball higher than the current lights?

Well, the punt returner will most likely lose the ball when it is above the lights then gain it back once it gets back below the lights. Boy, that is not going to make the other teams happy if they continually fumble the punts.

Or has there been a change to the Federal Aviation Administration regulations around an airport for the lights and Elkins High School has plans to raise them up? I don’t think so. I work with the FAA and know that it has not been resolved as of right now.

So will this cause problems in a few weeks when Elkins plays their first home game in over a year? I think they should have left it alone and made improvements to the Wimer Field bleachers. The lights at Wimer Field were good to go, as far as I remember. Just my humble opinion.

Jeff Currence



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