Reader: A CDC miscount, or a lie?

Why lie about the numbers? Is it because we are a red state?

There is a new virus in America. This time, it didn’t come from China. It’s a deadly disease that originated in the Washington D.C. swamp.

When a columnist claims that we’re in a pandemic of the un-vaccinated it’s simply untrue.

Left wing columnists who support government mandates at all levels, have done tremendous damage to America in its response to COVID-19.

We have been lied to about where it originated, who is at risk of being seriously affected by it, and the risk of transmission among healthy people exposed to it.

We were lied to about how it spreads, the accuracy of the testing process, and that a positive test result is considered a case.

We were lied to about masks, closing businesses, school closings, and the number of deaths caused by COVID-19.

The federal government lied about borrowing money that we do not have to give to government agencies to fight the spread of COVID with no accountability as to where those funds are used.

Our children’s life events (academics, sports, social and family) were stolen and can never be recovered.

Democrat leaders at all levels embarked upon a deliberate campaign of propaganda, with the full assistance of the news media to foment fear and anxiety, and West Virginians are saying enough is enough.

Pray for the truth to prevail. Pray for America. Pray for West Virginia to survive this all-out campaign to destroy us from within. Pray for a spiritual revival to sweep across our land.

In Jesus’ name and for His sake I pray!

Good day.

Robert Ware

French Creek


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