Bringing happiness to others without knowing

Today I met an angel in the Elkins Walmart.

A young mother with a small child in one arm was pushing a cart with the other arm. She was singing. It brought a smile to my heart. Her child was completely focused on Mommy, smiling and looking up into her face.

As she turned to put something in her cart, I said, “Thank you.” She looked confused. I said, “Thank you for singing. It does a heart good to hear someone singing nowadays.” As I spoke, tears came to my eyes.

She said she was just trying to bring some joy to the world. And she did. Then she noticed my tears, and asked if I was OK. I nodded yes, afraid to trust my voice, but trying to say, I am fine.

She asked me if I needed a hug. She said, “I am serious. I have been through some stuff too.” I was stunned that she would offer a hug in an age where human contact is so taboo. So I hugged her, and told her thank you again.

She said, “We’re going to get through this. We are! God’s got us!”

I said, “Yes He does!”

That simple encounter between a young mother and a grandmother who were strangers, put joy back in life. Her goodness flowed from her, and lit up her face.

Sometimes it’s the small things that you do that make all the difference to someone.

Sometimes you might not even know something you do such as singing is bringing happiness to others.

Theresa Devine



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