Manchin may regret deal with Schumer

Consider this an addendum to Robert Ware’s letter in last Saturday’s The Inter-Mountain.

I suppose by now most of you know about Sen. Manchin’s “deal” with Sen. Schumer; a deal that adds billions to Joe Biden’s inflation and very little to the working man’s pocket. There is plenty to suspect here. I’m sure we haven’t been told the whole story. Like the other Joe named Biden, the more Manchin tries to explain this deal the worse it gets.

Appearing on WV Metro News, Manchin told Hoppy Kercheval that the Mountain Valley Pipeline is a great deal for West Virginia and America. I suppose so, if your name is Joe and you think like a Democrat. There are more bomb craters in this thing than the Ho Chi Minh trail had at the end of the Vietnam War.

Sen. Capito has said it doesn’t look good but she will study it. Virtually all the coal mining groups rejected his rhetoric on jobs and production increases and pausing shut downs of coal fired power plants. Do you believe him? I don’t, and here’s why.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has consistently ruled against the pipeline. There are dozens of opposition groups clamoring to be heard by the Court and the justices seem eager to rule in their favor. Manchin has indicated strongly that Sen. Schumer will take care of the pipeline problem but only after Manchin votes to pass the additional inflation bill, which is disguised as helping with drug prices, higher taxes on the rich and clean air policies.

Folks, the sticky problem is that the pipeline is not part of this bill. That’s right. It’s a whole separate project and apparently Schumer told Manchin he can fix it and get it done in the next couple years or so. Just vote for my bill, Joe.

Does Manchin really believe that Shumer can snap his fingers and make the protesters disappear? Can Schumer, in a back room, convince the 4th to reject all the lawsuits and thereby let the pipeline proceed? There’s no way that’s happening. Or is it?

I want the pipeline finished, but the Democrats aren’t interested in doing it. They’re too busy gutting the heart out of our country.

God save us, the Democrats can’t.

Harold Arbogast



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