Reader: West Virginia women deserve better

I don’t know about you, but I know some amazing women here in West Virginia. They are hard-working, generous, thoughtful, funny, intelligent, and simply make my life better for knowing them.

Some are quiet in their strength as they deal with their partner’s cancer; some show up to volunteer at the schools; others walk dogs at our local shelters; they bring you big care baskets and food when your parent dies; and they ask how your family is doing. These women are one of the reasons West Virginia is a wonderful place to live.

Unfortunately, our legislative leaders in Charleston don’t think much of the women in our state. During the recent special session they called us liars and murderers and inferred that we are not capable of making our own health care decisions.

Women have abortions for many, many reasons. This is because it is a personal health care decision based on each person’s own health, financial and family circumstances.

Most West Virginian’s highly regard personal liberty and the right to make our own decisions. However, many of our legislators could not even debate this issue without insulting and shaming West Virginia women as they attempted to strip away our liberty.

Sen. Karnes (R- Randolph – 11th), suggested that child rape victims romanticize their relationship with their abusers. This political ploy was used to get a reaction from those in the gallery and have them kicked out of the chambers — it worked.

How could any of us sit there and listen to such comments without gasping in disgust? He made sure he said it a few times and smiled when the citizens were told to clear the gallery. Not only do they want to strip away personal liberty from over half our population, they want to do it behind closed doors with contempt for the people.

I urge you to talk with as many people as possible about abortion. Talk to people that have different views. Learn about medication abortion and the real reasons that abortion is health care. Women and girls will die, they will be hurt, and they will be put in terrible situations if this important right is not upheld.

Women are not evil, lying murderers. They are just people living their life the best way they know how and they deserve to be able to make a medical decision without the interference of the state.

Mandy Weirich



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