Dirt racing, Danica and car auctions

I was supposed to be recovering from carpal tunnel surgery this week but it seems that having cellulitis takes a front row seat over elective surgery. After multiple days of bed rest and antibiotics it seems I may be going to the hospital if they can find a bed for me.

Please pray for all the people dealing with this flu that’s trying to take over. The elderly are especially in trouble or those that may have compromised immune systems or respiratory issues.

The literally wanted to keep me at the hospital this evening but there were six people ahead of me waiting for beds and no one planning to be released. So, I’m back at home to be a patient of my family health care center (My Bedroom). Nurse! Nurse! You just can’t find good help these days.

Enough about my issues, I hope this finds you and your families well. Now it’s time to talk some racing/motorsports news.

First up it was announced that Danica Patrick had secured sponsorship for her two-race season of the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500. She has secured a car for Daytona. Premium Motorsports will provide the car with ECR engines and engineering help coming from RCR. This partnership with Richard Childress will not only provide Danica with a real chance to win but will also help Premium to move forward with drivers in the stable. There are 11 different drivers to share rides in the other Chevy Camaros.

Danica will be in a 2018 Camaro and will be reunited with Tony Eury Jr. Tony said that was coming out of retirement and looks forward to working once again with Danica in the Green and Black number 7 cars. Danica had some of her most successful runs when Eury was on top of the pit box.

Danica draws her share of attention and I for one would like to see her dominate and grab the 500 in her farewell performance. I’ll always say that anyone that can drive an Indy car off into those 90-degree corners at more than 235 mph and never lift is a race car driver in my book.

Love her or hate her, she has endured some horrendous crashes and been under the spotlight of the media continually. Sometimes her emotion, passion and competitive spirit would get her in trouble. You can rest assured that she is serious about this effort and will give 100 per cent every lap.


Dirt racing news includes the fact that Bobby Pierce will no longer be driving his father’s Bob Pierce Racecars house car. The elder Pierce said he feels that he is holding back the driving career of his son because it costs so much to race all the races for a points title. The major expenses include wind tunnel testing, pull down suspension and tire tests.

Bobby has been picked up by Dunn-Benson Ford racing out of North Carolina and they will be using Rocket Racecar chassis for 2018. Earl Pearson Jr is the team’s driver and will be a great teammate for this youngster.

Bobby has driven his father’s cars to some of the largest victories in 2017. Mark Richards, owner of Rocket Racecars in Shinnston, stated that he is excited to have Bobby on their team of great drivers.


The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction took place this past week and the sale once again broke records in both quality of cars and the money that was spent.

Over $113 million was spent on approximately 1,700 beautiful vehicles. In cars that were sold to private buyers, a 1952 Ferrari brought $1 million.

This was topped by a 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder at $1.3 million, which was the number one car sold.

Several charity cars are always sold to benefit all types of charities. Chevrolet donated a 2018 Carbon Z 65 Corvette to a charity that builds special houses for severely injured soldiers and their families.

This car was sold for $1.5 million and all the money goes directly to the charity, with no fees or charges from the auction company.

Car collector Ron Pratt donated his 2017 Ford GT street legal race car. It brought $2.5 million for the Ray Evernham Foundation for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome Research.

While on the auction block Ray hinted that there was an announcement coming about a partnership with him and Bill Elliott in a few weeks.

This could be anything but it sure would be nice if Dodge is coming back to NASCAR!

Chrysler picked Ray to lead the way in 2001 when they came back to the sport last time. Who knows?

He also dropped a hint at the NASCAR Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony. The trends this year were trucks and resto-mods which brought consistent big money.

Resto-mods are cars that look like classic cars but have the very latest in upgrades to the whole undercarriage. An example of this would be a mid-50s Corvette but underneath a beautiful exterior there’s the very latest ZO6 Corvette running gear/chassis.

There is also the largest automotive memorabilia auction. This brought another $3.5 million.

The highest seller of this part of the auction was a beautiful turn of the century Carrousel, which had only different cars and vehicles on it instead of horses. This sold for $385 thousand.

Check in next week when we will bring the results from the Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway’s road course.

There will be twists and turns ahead, and there’s always another left turn at the end of that long back straightaway.