Randolph to raise pay for poll workers

ELKINS — The Randolph County Commission voted to increase the pay for election day poll workers, beginning with the general election in November.

“We took a look at what the other counties were doing for poll worker pay and also for precinct pay,” Commissioner Mark Scott said at the most recent commission meeting. “We haven’t changed our poll worker pay for a long time, and we haven’t changed what we’ve paid for the precincts. So we went out to surrounding counties and asked them, ‘What are you currently paying your poll workers?’ And what we found was, where are current pay is $175 for precinct workers and $100 for precinct rentals.

“We talked to Tucker County, Upshur, Barbour and Pocahontas counties. We found that they’re all paying $100 for precinct rentals. So we felt that that was fair to keep it there (in Randolph County).

“We found there’s a disparity in the amount that’s being paid to poll ,” Scott said. “Upshur County, for example, is paying the poll workers $200. Pocahontas County pays them minimum wage, and Barbour County pays $175. So it just varies in different places.

“So we thought, since we had not increased the poll workers pay for a number of years … we thought we would increase ours to $200. It’s about a $5,000 increase when you look at the number of precinct workers times the additional amount, the $25 increase.”

Scott, Commission President David Kesling and Commissioner Chris See agreed that poll workers deserve a raise in pay.

“It’s a long day. I’ve worked the polls a number of times over the years, and it’s a long, hard day,” Scott said.

The commissioners voted unanimously to increase pollworkers pay to $200 per election day, starting with the general election in November.


Randolph County Sheriff Mark Brady announced that a new deputy is headed to the State Police Academy for training.

“We’ve got one deputy that’s going to go to the academy. He’s going to be gone 10 weeks solid. So instead of a 16-week academy where you come home on Friday night and come back on Sunday, he’s going to stay for 10 solid weeks,” Brady said.

Deputy Dan O’Brien is the newest deputy for the Sheriff’s Office, which now has 14 full-time deputies and one part-time deputy, with another position budgeted during this fiscal year.

“We’ll be looking for one more deputy and putting out applications,” Brady said. “Testing will be in September.”


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