Learning lab brings technology

This week Altice USA connected Kump Education Center to 21st Century technology with all-in-one service for internet, phone, TV and Wi-Fi through Suddenlink. The new lines will serve a new Altice Learning Lab in a basement room Kump children used as a playroom 90 years ago.

Elkins High School math teacher, K.J. Shaffer will serve as a tutor for all Homebound and Alternative Learning students. He will meet with them both online and in person at the Altice Learning Lab. This versatile multi-use classroom will have movable tables and chairs that can be set up to for individual computer use or rearranged for PowerPoint presentations serving up to 49 people.

In May 2018 when the Center needed to be rewired for modern electrical service, Altice gave a contribution of $5,000 to help refit the historic light fixtures with Underwriter Lab approved sockets and receptacles. Without the first Altice gift and a grant from the WV Historic Preservation Office, Kump Education Center would not have safe and effective electrical wiring.

Once again Altice has given Kump Education Center more than $5,000 to buy 10 laptop computers, a printer, a projector, a secure storage unit, and four security cameras. Altice and Suddenlink will provide two or three years of free internet.

Altice is also giving Kump Education Center its first signs to tell the public what the Center is all about. Until now people have had many questions about City ownership and the educational purposes for the old brick house across from Kroger.

Now they will see a 4 X10 sign above the fence in the apple orchard that says: “Kump Education Center, Altice Learning Lab.” The sign will carry three symbols: the KEC sunburst, the Altice A, and the Historic Elkins Horse.

A smaller “Kump Education Center” sign will be at the back gate on Seneca Road, and an “Altice Learning Lab” sign will be on the wall in the old playroom.

We owe a big thank you to Bob Lillie, Erin Jones, and all the helpful people at Altice and Suddenlink who are making it possible for young people in Randolph County to come to our historic building and learn new ideas. Without Altice, Kump Education Center would not be able to function as a modern learning facility with appropriate educational technology.


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