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State shouldn’t raise hunting, fishing licenses

Many West Virginians feel hunting and fishing are birthrights, though they are willing to pay a few dollars for licenses required to do so legally. They understand the state Division of Natural Resources makes good use of revenue from licenses.

Currently, an adult “sportsman” license covering hunting, fishing and trapping costs just $35. But earlier this summer, there was discussion of increasing the amount, perhaps to $45.

Unless an increase is needed to offset other revenue losses, DNR officials should keep the license rates where they are. Especially now, with so many West Virginians hurt financially by the COVID-19 epidemic, state government should not be taking more money out of our pockets.


While the rest of the world was preoccupied with other things this spring and summer, Iranian leaders — despite a severe COVID-19 epidemic in their own country, were busy creating another threat.

Iran has continued to increase its stockpile of enriched uranium, needed to build the nuclear weapons for which the regime has been aiming. Such stockpiling violates agreements Tehran has with numerous other nations.

International Atomic Energy Agency officials said a few weeks ago that Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile increased by more than 50% during the height of the COVID-19 crisis.

U.S. officials already have slapped economic sanctions on Iran. Clearly, however, more cooperation is needed from other nations to prevent Iran from becoming a full-blown nuclear power.


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