Barging in on a secretive hearing

Just this morning, Oct. 24, by happenstance I listened to Hoppy Kercheval of WV Metro News conducting an interview with 2nd Congressional District representative Alex Mooney. I don’t make a habit of tuning in to Hoppy’s programs because of conflicting interests and opinions of what’s good and what’s bad for this nation, but that’s another topic.

Rep. Mooney told the story of his grandmother being imprisoned in Cuba, as were thousands of college students, and was not released until after the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco. She was able to flee the country sometime later but had to leave behind friends and family. Castro had promised democracy during the revolution but deceived the populace who backed him. Mr. Mooney likened the impeachment hearings to that part of his grandmother’s life. Everything was secret, the public was shut out.

“Rep. Mooney was among the loud disorderly crowd who rushed the hearing room in storm trooper fashion and disrupted the deposition of their biggest witness yet. Because of the hysterical nature of the invasion, Rep. Schiff, fearing for his own well-being grabbed the witness by the arm and fled the room. Someone yelled for the Capitol Police to come and take the invaders away but someone else said you can’t do that, they haven’t broken any laws. Thusly, the five-hour standoff began.”

The previous paragraph is a true accounting of what happened because CNN and MSNBC said so. We all know you can get the truth from them and their colleagues, with hundreds of “experts” being empaneled many times a day.

OK! You caught me. I’m lying. I confess. Here’s the way it really went down; the Republicans knew the Schiff party was at least skeptical of some of the “truths” they were about to hear and did not want anyone not on the committee hearing it until they could clean it up, either by pressing the witness or simply deleting it from the transcript. They thought they had the Mooney party fooled about the top-secret no admittance lie but it didn’t last long.

There is plenty of cell phone video coverage out in the hallway and I never found the yelling and threatening clips that the left wants to talk about. Put your money where your mouth is.

President Trump has conceded that he will be impeached. They could hold the vote tomorrow and the result will be the same as if they wait until the primaries are in full swing. That’s how bad the hatred has become, rotting the Democrat party at its very core. Shameful!

I’ve said this before and will keep saying it — if you’re a Democrat it’s time to rethink what you see your party doing to the America you grew up in. Run, don’t walk, to the courthouse and get out of the grip of the people who want to radicalize and turn over and reverse the America you were born into. Don’t like the Republican Party? Sign up as an independent. And vote!

God bless America!

Harold Arbogast



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