Not wearing masks is maddening to reader

This week I drove my mother home and returned to West Virginia. Along the way, in our neighboring states, I passed through many a door with precautions on state masking laws. Yet inside the stores, neither staff nor customers wore face coverings.

In West Virginia I didn’t even see these signs on doors.

Folks, it doesn’t count if your nose is out. It certainly doesn’t count if it’s around your neck, as I observed in grocery stores and restaurants and other places of business in West Virginia.

I admit that I find masking unflattering, embarrassing and sad, as I’m reminded of the virus and these strange times. And yet, aren’t we eager, almost desperate, to get through this and soon?

During a press conference July 13, the Director for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield, said that, if everyone complied with face covering in public, then “over the next six weeks we could drive [the virus] into the ground.” That is so appealing. We can do this!

Let’s band together, as we have done when faced with other enemies, helped one another, pushed through for the common good. COVID-19 does not care whether you are a Democrat or Republican, gun-loving or pacifist.

Let’s not confuse the issues but work together for the good of our families and children, to put this virus behind us in the most effective way possible. Let’s swallow our pride and cover our faces. We could call it a patriotic cover up. We’re in this together!

Carrie Kline



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